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For sure, you experienced more than once the pleasant sensation of a cloth, which is really a good fit. Think to your favorite one. It is comfortable, it follows your movements and it never makes you feel tied. It’s pleasant to your skin and it has the right fabric consistency.


That’s how we try to make our clients feel while we are offering them our services.

FINSERVICE EUROPE SRL is a multimodal forwarding and logistics company with a staff which is top skilled in international shipping, documentation, fiscal and customs matters.

FINSERVICE EUROPE SRL is neither a so-called “one man band” company, where just one person is doing everything at a time, nor a “megacorporation” where a client often feels like an ant to an elephant.

FINSERVICE EUROPE SRL can adapt itself to its clients needs, supplying them with adequate support and trying to give a “comfort” feeling, through personal relationships promoted by its right dimension.

We do not pretend to be the best solution to everyone, but our clients are companies whose dimensions and needs are very different from each other, and we still were able to build long-term relationships with them so we can proudly say that we succeded in being for them, “A Good Fit”.